YazBukey Pajama Party

3 min readMar 12, 2018


You know that there is a time where you wanna let all the troubles, the working life and everyone out of door. A time where you wanna simply enjoy life and have fun.Lot of people think that buying a flight ticket is a good choice, for me the best thing to do is to close the door, leave everything outside and go to Yazbukey Land.

yazbukey 1

Never been to Yazbukey Land?! You will thank me later but now I have to tell you more about this place of pure joy.

YazBukey is the label founded in 2000 by Yaz Kurhan and her sister Emel Kurhan, an eclectic duo that soon became loved by celebrities and common people. Known as the Queen of Plexi, her pieces have been a worldwide success and are sold at several renowned boutiques. The brand has often cooperated with other designers and artists, like Diane Von Furstenberg, Lacoste, Linda Farrow, Princess Tam Tam, Shu Uemura and Altreforme.

yazbukey 3
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The label is famous for their creative and playful accessories that are a real mix of pop and bold with a deep trompe l’oeil effect. Yaz has taken the use of plexiglass to another level, combining it with uncommon materials and giving birth to effective pieces of art.

Every season Yazbukey tells a new story with her accessories, creating a world where fashion is absolutely funny and fierce.

yazbukey 4

For Fall-Winter 2018/2019, Yaz is taking us to the most girly pajama party where all the girlfriends come at home and are spending time by dancing, playing and to gossip. The only men allowed are the pizza boy and the one “used” for having fun.

yazbukey 5

Presented during the just finished Paris Fashion Week in a theatre, models showed off YazBukey’s pajama line on a set consisting of a big white bed with pillows and covers marked with the signature of the brand, i.e. the lips. The doorbell was ringing every time and the characters of the party arrive on the stage dressed with accessories of the labels, like the must have eye mask with the sign NOT NOW, the necklaces with the shapes of lipstick or legs shaped earrings. The silky pjs worn by the models are full of funny messages like “Stress less, more sex” or “2 grow your hair and stay in bed”.

yazbukey 6
yazbukey 7
yazbukey 8

The Fall/Winter is simply wow like the current Spring/Summer, Yazbukey pieces are simply “ C’est ahh”. A high recommendation from me to you, like we are in one of those pajama parties loved by Yaz making some gossip, is to grab ASAP one of her majestic earrings because you can wear them with a very simple and basic look and they are able to make the look statement. Believe me and go!




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