Why Do Influencers Influence?

1) Motivation

Influencers seek to motivate others. Therein lies what moves them to write, film videos, and create engaging content that people actively look for. It represents a continuous cycle where those able to do something find ways to empower others. However, quite quickly, society can put pressures on Influencers — oftentimes of a superficial kind — that can redirect their motivation towards insignificant standards. Would you rather motivate out of sheer spectacle or find a deeper connection with an audience? Would you rather dismiss principle or accept your following as those that grasp value in what you say? Is a like or retweet more valuable than a lifestyle change? There should be an internal drive to motivate others by example. That must be clear to your followers.

2) Branding

Selena why influencers influence
kim why influencers influence

3) Influence

Have the right motivation? Check. Formed the correct branding? Check. Now, you influence. Keep in the mind that influence is not simply having a massive audience. Every Influencer needs one, for sure, but the real key behind popular Influencers is retaining a massive audience on a consistent basis with a message that mobilizes action. Transitioning that “quantity v. quality” threshold is the mark of a valuable, lasting Influencer.



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