Where should I invest my money? On my closet of course!

As the one and only Carrie Bradshaw said, “ I like my money where can I see it, hanging in my closet” is become a lifetime motto for lot of people out there.

A credo.

A way of life.

And me of course, I am a cultist of these prophetic words.

There is something exciting when I go through my walk-in wardrobe and I see all the garments, I can touch and feel them… ah what a joy! Every single piece tells a bite of my life, everyone has a memory to me and is like doing a trip through the time. Accessories and clothes are speaking to me and I am not mad while I’m writing these… When I see a coat hanging on a shop I can clearly see the situations where I will use it and if this gives me emotions I will pick it, if not it will become the momery of someone else.

Easy as that.

They are not pieces of fabrics put together, for me they are more.

And so ( drums roll ) what are the brands where I will invest my money for the upcoming season? I can’t promise obviously that I won’t buy also Spring/Summer stuffs if I like them… you already know me!

Alexandra Moura.

I have to admit that I have a big problem with Alexandra’s pieces as I am freakin’ obsessed with her. Is rare that I say this but she is one of those designer where I need the whole collection in my closet. Alexandra perfectly reflects my daily moods, it can be said that my life is made of Moura’s-kinda-days. The deconstruction is her iconic mark like the tweaked silhouettes and the bold volumes.


From Melbourne, the luxury season-less pieces are perfect from day and night, daily routine and special occasions. Timeless clothes of a unique elegance and class. A sense of fashion and sophistication, without being boring, that sometimes lacks in the system as everybody wanna do excentric things in order to surprise. Chic is the ultimate luxury.


Hong Kong based, founded in 2010, Modement was a discover a made only this year in Paris. Shame on me to have not met them before as I am so impressed by the talent and creativity there is in these clothes. I spent 30 minutes in front of the upcoming S/S 2018 and I say Wow 20 times. When I talked that fashion pieces has to communicated something, in Modement I found the perfect label that represents this. Volumes, different prints, cool and glamour, I can’t find a single word to describe the collection… Maybe “Everything” is the one that suits well.

Realistic Situation.

The collections created by Platt Pladhi are really essentials. The blouses, the coats and the trousers are real must have in every closet as, thanks to their minimalism, they look savers. Thanks to strong experiments with both pattern-making and materials every piece is a result of intricate detail with a contemporary edge. A redefinition of the old concept of trench, biker jackets and white shirts that are brought to a new life.

Susana Bettencourt.

Susana has written a new chapter in the era of knitwear while becoming one of the top leader in the sector. For the upcoming collection, Bettencourt’s goal is to explore the synergy of new technology and the digital with traditional craft, as well as the synergy with her two homes, London and the Azores. Totally handmade, her knitwear is perfect not only for the cold season but also for the Spring-Summer where the knit becomes soft and light with hypnotic prints.

Judy Wu.

From Shanghai to London, Judy Wu presents a fierce and vibrant collection. Her pieces are feminine and elegant with eye-catching colour blocking, chic shapes and a hint of sports luxe. Clothes that have inside them artistry and wearability, are cut with precision using an eclectic mix of fabrics and colors. They are a true injection of powerful energy.

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