What Is A Good Engagement Rate For Instagram?

Instagram has become one of the most important platforms for influencers, bloggers and brands to be in. If you do things right, you’ll grow and continue to get followers and new fans every day. But, if you want to make this social media madness your work, there are some things you need to know and have in mind. The rules and tricks of this business are constantly changing but one thing that stays the same is that you must keep a true relationship with the community you’ve built and with the brands you work for.

There is something called engagement rate which is the level of loyalty you’ve created. This is not about the number of followers you have but the level of interaction they have with you and your content. Instagram has the higher engagement ratio from all the social networks so it is very important to keep up with it.

Go get a pen, i’ll wait. Ok you need to select a post you want to analyse and do this simple

Likes + comments = X
X / number of followers * 100

So if you have 500 likes and 20 comments on a post, your X will be 520. You need to divide
that by the number of followers you have by 100 to get your percentage.

A normal engagement rate goes between 3% and 6%, anything more than 6% is a good thing. Big engagement rates will lead to bigger deals and opportunities with brands.

Brands not only have to take notice on the numbers of followers but also the engagement
rate cause this will show if the followers are organic or not. It’s a bit suspicious if you have
let’s say 60k and less than 500 likes per photo. Let alone if you have over 100k and less
than 1k likes per photo.
Even if likes can also be bought (something you should never do) in the end, numbers will
show if your following is not real.

  • You can have a question of the day on the caption of your picture for your followers
    to answer to
  • Giveaways (but not a lot cause Instagram can smell desperation)
    You can have secret task (like comment certain emoji) for the followers that watches
    your stories
  • Weekly small giveaways for the people that comment on your photos. This is more
    like a thank you for your engagement than an actual giveaway.
  • Great content, i know this seems obvious but if you post and create great content,
    something you love and you’re passionate about, the likes and comments will follow.

Do not buy likes of followers ever. I know it can be frustrating if your numbers are not going
up but lying to your audience and brands is not the way to go. Have patience, get inspired
and do what you love most cause when you do, the numbers will show it too.

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The influencer marketing agency that aims to support brands having a social media identity https://americanoize.com