What Defines You Is Your Character… And Your Scent!

During our lives people come and go and you must leave your own print in order to be remembered. What defines a person is his character and his inner side and in every kind of situation, good or bad, you should learn something that it will help you grow.

Yes I know, sometimes is hard try to take the good side in a really bad moment but believe me, I write this as I have experienced it on my own skin, everything worst has a positive side.

Do you know the Kintsugi? It is the technique used by the Japanese to repair a broken object. The meaning of this technique that has become art is really profound. According to the Japanese, the broken and repaired pot with those delicious golden veins that are the result of the union of crushed pieces would mean the life and the changes that it brings with it. Life is never straightforward but in fact always presents breaks, shakes, which lead us to make new choices and to undertake new paths. And just as often we are proud of having successfully overcome the unexpected difficulties, so the pot is proud to show the signs of what he has overcome with fatigue. The Japanese say “a broken pot will be more beautiful than before”.

How we react to things is able to really change our lives and minds, we shouldn’t look at other people reactions but just focus on your own and differentiate yourself always from the others.

Just like for scents.

I am not a huge fan of commercial scents, I adore the niche ones. The ones that not everybody has. When I am in a crowd and I smell the air in the 90% of the time I recognize the perfumes and it becomes a little boring for me but it is in that 10% that I become really stimulated. When I don’t know the scent and it is really persistent, I force myself to do not run to people to ask “ What is the scent are you using?!?”

My friends used to call me Jean-Baptiste Grenouille as the main character of “ Perfume — The story of a murder” by Patrick Suskind and it can easily help you to understand how much and deeply I am obsessed with perfumes. And just because I know I am not the only one, I have selected for you niche brands of scents that you must try… and as consequence you will buy! For every label I will recommend you some scents to smell as well.

Ready, steady, gooooo!

L’Artisan Parfumerus history began with a funny episode. Jean Laporte, the founder, was called by a friend who asked him to create a banana scent to wear with a costume of the same fruit to a gala evening at the Folies Bergères. He started to create original scents with natural essences and thanks to the success of his first line of fragrances he was named L’Artisan Parfumeur AKA the craftsman of fragrances. Every bottle has an heptagonal shapes and every single scent tells a story. Now it’s you turn to discover which fragrance is speaking to you to lead you to the path of your life.
My suggestion is to approach the brand by smelling Eau D’Ambre Extreme, Noir Exquis, Mon Numéro Dix, Méchant Loup and Passage D’Enfer.

Established in 1870 in England and is holder of two royal warrants, that are demonstrating excellence and quality, and are highly prized. The founder, William Penhaligon, started as a cornish. Inspired by the scent of neighbouring Turkish Baths, he creates his first fragrance, named Hammam Bouquet. Now the brand creates scents, candles and products for bath and body and grooming. What I love the most about Penhaligon’s? It is that is allows you to create your OWN fragrance. Yes you read right, thanks to an exclusive service, you will be able to create a fragrance that nobody can and could have, as the formula will remain a secret for you and the master perfumeur. And also the bottles are really pieces of art and every one is rechargeable so when you end it take it to the most near shop and let it fill again. My suggestion is to approach the brand by smelling Halfeti, Agarbathi and The Revenge of Lady Blanche.

Born in a family of cognac-makers, young Kilian decided to take a step back from the family heritage by creating a luxury niche label dedicated to fragrances. A story of a dream and a courageous decision and so 2007 saw the birth of By Kilian. With a luxury but ecological vision, where every bottle can be refilled, By Kilian is now one of the leading brands of the fragrances niche market. Today the brands has 35 range of scents that defines the real ultimate and timeless sluxury and chic.
My suggestion is to approach the brand by smelling Incense Oud, Cruel Intensions Tempt Me, Forbidden Games and Intoxicated.

Founded in 1760 by James Henry Creed in London, it soon became one of the most beloved by the Royal Family. Today is Olivier Creed, the sixth descendant, who leads the label and creates all of his perfumes personally. The creativity is Mr Creed can be easily smell in the fragrances that are characterized by uniqueness and original touches. The research of natural ingredients and the constant sticking to traditional production principles give Olivier the chance to be always on a journey in the countries. And all the sensations felt and landscapes saw during his trips are reflected in the scents. Olivier with his son Erwin has just created a four hands scent named Original Vetiver.
My suggestion is to approach the brand by smelling Jasmine Imperatrice Eugenie, Love in Black, Millésime Imperial and Acier Aluminium.

Did I make you curious? Or maybe are you using some of them already?

Be sure to try them out, once you become familiar with one of these brands you will never come back to commercial fragrances. And don’t say I did not warn you!

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