Tico Lorenzo: An Influencer Focused On Self-Care For Men

In the midst of an uproar in bloggers and Influencers, it becomes necessary to seek one’s niche, and Tico Lorenzo has managed to find his organically. For every 10 female bloggers, there is one male blogger speaking to an audience of men, discussing topics that they would be interested in — most likely not nail polish and lingerie — and there are countless subjects that are usually not highlighted with men in mind.

tico Lorenzo 3
tico Lorenzo 3

Skin care, hair care, hygiene, and — well, obviously — fashion for men are all topics that TicoLorenzo.com is known for. The Miami-native, who now lives in California, attends film school and lives the good life in L.A., while going to hip parties, wearing fun and modern outfits, and serving as a reliable source for men who seek reviews on brands and tips for self care.

Tico will soon be in Miami as a speaker for the Hispanicize Fashion Panel, where he’ll be giving live insight on his success as a micro-influencer and his point of view of male style in a fast fashion industry.

tico Lorenzo 2
tico Lorenzo 2

AmericaNoize sat down with Tico for a little Q&A, and this is what he said:

When did you start working as an Influencer?
The reason why I started my blog was because I had really bad skin — really bad acne — and I started trying out different products, different cleansers, toners, all of that. I started doing this thing called laser genesis, and that was helping me a lot. It cleared up my skin super fast. After I did that, everybody was asking me what products I used to get rid of it. I wanted it to be real, and to give my honest opinion on things. If things don’t work, I say that.

Why did you leave Miami for LA?
I go to film school, and I just feel like it was right for what I’m doing right now.

Has your blog impacted you in any way?
It’s just about helping people, and I really love that. Even straight men; they care about their skin. They don’t say it, but they DM me telling me how much it helped them.

Do you blog daily?
I do 4–5 posts per month.

Do you prefer suits or athleisure?
Athleisure for sure.

Tea or coffee?
Tea — green tea matcha.

Adidas or Puma?

tico Lorenzo 1
tico Lorenzo 1

Green, Blue or Black to wear?
Black. I wear a lot of black.

Day or night events?

What’s your favorite part about L.A.?
The weather.

Who is your favorite director?
I like Clint Eastwood.

Woody Allen’s film style or Quentin Tarantino’s?
Woody Allen.

What do you miss about Miami?
The Cuban food.

Who is your fashion guru?
Joey Zauzig — @joeyzauzig

For more of Tico’s tips, visit Tico’s Instagram account @TicoLorenzo

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