This Is Why You Need an Aesthetic

3 min readOct 20, 2017

So you’re creating your empire, building yourself as a brand and starting out in this crazy world we call social media. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of amazing profiles on Instagram filled with great photos and i’m sure you’ve wondered how they create such a cohesive look. Well, before we start talking about the how, we need to talk about the why. Nowadays, it is very important to create an Aesthetic. This means to pick out a certain style that suits your brand and talks about who you are in all your platforms. Are you a grunge girl? Edgy or girly? A minimalist? Your aesthetic will bring brands and followers that identify with it.

Think about branding and identity

Your Instagram is your portfolio, brands and followers alike will look at your profile and try to figure you out based on what you post. What’s your personality like? What do you like? What’s your story? Everything is going to be told through your photos. I know, it’s a lot. This aesthetic will translate in all your accounts so when your followers see your content, they will know it’s yours. It means to pick out a graphic design, typography and color palette for the photos you post, the videos you make and so on. You have to think in terms of branding, it’s not just about pretty pictures. For example, we hear Coca Cola we think red, fun, happy, young. This is what you’re looking for. This is what you need to achieve.

Look at the bigger picture

Look at your feed as a whole instead of individual pictures. Every photo is important but what’s more important it’s how they all look together. Your pictures need to tell a story. In order to accomplish this, the easiest thing to do is to edit all your photos the same so you don’t limit on what you can and cannot post. You do have to decide what kind of account you want to be tho, this is kind of annoying but let’s face it, we’re not Beyonce so we’re not going to get a million likes if we choose to upload a crappy cellphone photo. Great quality photos are a must.

If you’re a fashion blogger you can post outfit photos, flatlays, details, street style and events, this means if you post a photo of something random that doesn’t fit your aesthetic, your followers would know and sometimes even unfollow cause that’s not why they’re there for. If you have a minimalist feed, a busy photo would look out of place. If you have a bright pastel-y feed, a dark grunge picture would look off.

It’s proven that profiles with a sharp content and aesthetic work better than the ones that just post whatever. If you don’t believe me, just try it for yourself. You’ll thank me later.

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