The Clothing That Black People Donned During the 1980's

2 min readDec 26, 2017


Fashion in the 1980’s was all about being big, loud, and very bright and showy. Black 80’s fashion was all about that too. During the 1980’s African Americans wore an impressive display of clothing that was thought of unconventional and a bit odd. The style was psychedelic print shirts, oversized garments, and acid washed denim. No set of clothing would be complete without chains made of gold, earrings made out of bamboo, floppy hats, and Adidas tennis shoes. Jellie shoes were also worn by adults and children alike because they were comfortable and in style. However, they were not made well and typically only lasted a few months. Women also wore overalls and only fastened one of the straps. Men also wore tracksuits with matching tennis shoes and hat. MC Hammer and Rapper Kid also helped create the style for African-Americans.

LOS ANGELES, USA — 1st SEPTEMBER: American rapper MC Hammer appears at a press conference in Los Angeles, USA in September 1990. (Photo by Jan Persson/Redferns)

MC Hammer made bright and oversized pants very popular during the end of the 1980’s. Those pants came in a great assortment of materials and prints and defined the hip-hop look. Rapper Kid of the House Party movie series also helps a hairstyle become popular with African Americans. He helped popularize the hairstyle known as the “High Top Fade.” When a person got this hairstyle, the sides of their hair was shaved and they had a square block on the top of their head. Some of the fashions from the 1980’s are still very popular.

Some of the fashions from the 1980’s are still very popular. Carrie Bradshaw of the show Sex and the City wore bamboo earrings and a gold chain with her name in block letters. They became her signature style. Louis Vuitton also worked together with the late artist Stephen Strouse to integrate eighties graffiti street art into monogrammed bags, leggings, and shoes.

These clothes were not only a great party of fashion history, a lot of them are still loved by people today. This is what black 80’s fashion was all about and is what black people donned during the 1980's.