Seasonal Fashion Isn’t a Cliché Unless You Make It One

“Florals for spring — groundbreaking,” These are the wonderful words of Miranda Priestly’s character in The Devil Wears Prada, and to this day it’s one of my favorite phrases.

I truly believe that Mrs. Priestly doesn’t have a problem with wearing flowers in spring, but rather the fact that people decided that since in springtime the flowers bloom, it’s the one time of year to wear them and impose them and talk about them, and that doing so, they’re going to give off an “I know fashion” impression — when in reality it’s the complete opposite.

NEWSFLASH: You can wear florals all year round, just learn to dress around them depending on the season.

Though I would love to continue discussing the wonders and diversity in floral print during spring, I must move on to the other three seasons that also have their clichés usually created by people who think they know fashion…but they don’t. It’s harsh to state, but it’s true.

The beauty of fashion is that in all reality there are no rules.

John Galliano, Lagerfeld and Jeremy Scott — who just presented Moschino’s ‘My Little Pony-themed’ collection (Oh, my god, I know!) during Milan Fashion Week — constantly remind us to rip and break the fashion mold. So, I am telling you today; I am giving you permission to let all those ‘seasonal rules’ in your head loose, and instead of thinking about what you’re supposed to wear according to season, think about what you want to wear because you love it and it’s your style staple.

Your style can be affiliated best with a certain season, but it doesn’t mean you only wear it because it’s summer and it’s what’s ‘in,’ because that just means you have no style identity.

For example, fall is here, and it’s my favorite time of year….not so much because I change my style according to season (I literally dress the same all year), but rather because it’s the one season that accommodates to me the most and to the way I look all the time.

I’m into button-down shirts, kimono cardigans, circle skirts, booties up the wazoo, denim jackets (I own 12 and counting) and dim colors, such as burgundy, military green and black. Those are fall staples, but when winter arrives and then spring arrives, I’ll be wearing the same things and varying them slightly.

Make no mistake, if I want to wear a pastel pink jacket in the fall, I will. The weather is cooler so I take advantage and wear more layers, but I don’t make my wardrobe and lifestyle rules based on the season. That would be exhausting. I wear these same pieces all year, but I’ll add different accessories. I’m the type of person who will wear a faux fur vest in May in Miami, and I don’t care, but when I wear my fur vest in October, it’s maybe five to ten degrees cooler and I won’t be as miserable.

So in all reality, the secret to seasonal dressing isn’t to completely change your style based on the time of the year, but to define your style and what you like, and find ways of accommodating it to the seasons so your staple becomes timeless — that is the true meaning of essential style; you make the rules in what you wear, not other people, not designers, not the season.

Clichés are better off for love letters and places far away from your closet.

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