Prince Harry Gets Married And Why They Will Be The Couple Who Will Make Great Britain Younger And Cooler

Raise the hand who has not fallen in love with the troublemaker Prince Harry ages ago! Over the top, cheeky and not used to following the rules, he was the main character of the hot dreams of lot of women out there.

Who can’t remember when he wore during a “Colonial and Native” themed costume party wearing a Nazi German Afrika Korps uniform with a swastika armband? Or when his photos smoking cannabis, drinking hard with his friends and clashing with paparazzi outside nightclubs made the round of the globe? Or also when in Las Vegas he was photographed with a women both naked in an hotel room?

The titles of Bad Boy, Dirty Harry, Wild Child and Rebellious always came next to her name.

But his life was also scourged by a fatal event, in which we should find the motivation of all his to the limit behaviors. The death of her mother Lady Diana hits deeply the inner of Prince Harry. Only few times ago, he confessed during an interview he had suffered of mental health problems that he overtook thanks to counseling that helped him to to come to terms to his mum’s death.

Also his sentimental life was pretty turbulent. Apart from unknown and not famous ladies, his most famous relationships were with Chelsy Davy, Cressida Bonas and Olympia of Greece.

But now the past has gone and Prince Harry has become the real icon of modern kingdom, more than his brother William. Not restrict, modern, serious, in love, devoted to environmental problems, fighting poaching and with a deep focus on humanitarian activities ( Did you remember that he is the founder of the Invictus Game? The games reserved to war veterans who are still disabled.), Prince Harry is today the manifesto of an ideal monarchy and of a generation of young people… Who desperately fall and then brightly stand.

And today all the eyes are on his wedding with Meghan Markle, that will take place on May 19th 2018 and will be broadcast live worldwide on TV, like was his brother’s one in 2011 with more than 23 millions of audience. I am sure Harry and Meghan wedding will beat them!

But who is the woman who made the Prince fell in love? Meghan is an American actress and model, with afro-american origin. Born in 1981, she was already married with Trevor Engelson and she started dating Harry in Summer 2016. She is famous for her role in SUITS but she declared that after the wedding will leave the actress career. Obviously the curiosity around wedding dress has just started! The rumors said the Iranian Inbal Dror will create it, not too sexy like the Maison is famous for but a more princess one.

Now let’s get deep on why they will be the Royal Couple who really will make Great Britain cooler and younger.

Meghan and Harry are already more loved by English ( and international!) people for their lives not impomatete, studded by struggles, pain and strength in comparison with William and Kate Middleton ones, who had given an idea of old monarchy and fairytale.
People tend to identify themselves with people who went through hard times and then rebirth, like a Phoenix from her ashes. People who are not afraid who show how they are fragile.
Prince Harry breaks down the walls also going to marry a divorced woman and mulatta, that are stilll dogmas in the English monarchy. England has related for centuries its image to something serious, ancient and not so open to new things but these days Prince Harry made a huge step to meet a very coveted modernity, of thoughts and actions, to a more open-mind Great Britain.

The love of the brand-new Royal Couple will be able to open the the eyes of lot of conservative and will become a manifesto and a representative of the generation who really wanna make a big change in the world

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