Looking at Art Basel Through Spectacles

Art Basel just ended in Miami and, with its sun-kissed beaches, nature and caribbean climate, it is quite impossible to experience the city without sunglasses. And here at Americanoize we can say that eyewear was a big player during this past week, both offline and online: yes guys, you know we take an even closer look at social media than what is actually happening in the world, but hey! Look at the trend we spotted! Here below you will find some of the best pics posted on IG during the last 72 hours… enjoy and be inspired!

The first example comes from Ivano Marino, who through this artistic photo, shows how spectacles can make your life more colorful! The brand of the sunglasses, you are asking me? Check it out — they are the funny and creative iGreen Eyewear!

Colors seem to be the principal character in Miami during Art Basel, and the italian influencer Cristina just posted yesterday this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G picture showing some O-Six spectacles in a really pink environment. You like it? Well, you are not the only one since more than 20k people do agree with you ;)

Following the O-Six mania within A LOT of influencers that we saw were in Miami during Art Basel, other 3 influencers posted a pic showcasing this brand, and what we can say is that all these 3 ladies look stunning wearing them. Which one is your favourite?

To end our list of best sunglasses during Art Basel, here you are below the italian photographer and micro influencer RaffoMarone, who decided to do a street-style iconic pic with some super stylish spectacles!

So, which one do you like most? Tell us what you think!

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