Lessons from The Camino

1. Be Yourself

El Camino is physically hard, you have to be patient, adapt yourself, you need to take out the best and the worst of yourself. Sometimes in life you tend to frame your mind, and you shut yourself away, but when you are a pilgrim you need to open and take out the best of yourself, remove any mask, connect with the others, there is a strong desire of sharing the moment and the magic experience.

2. Be Light, Let Go

All you carried is on your backpack, so… less you carry less you struggle… Less stuff means less weight, less things to hand wash, but moreover less thoughts as well: let’s free the mind from worries and just walk, some times you carry too much the way helps you to let go.

3. Be Always Positive

Whatever happens, do not complain! we are all in the same situation and it is part of the game! What it’s in your power to change is not the matters that will come in your life, but what you can change is the attitude to face them. In the Camino everybody is walking as you are, and they are all smiling and say hello, so being in a negative energy is not in the vibration of the Camino! if you want to feel part of it, follow the positive flow.

4. Carpe Diem

Because everyday you walk forward, nothing is coming back in time but neither in space, nor the people you meet. So if you like something or you want to give a smile or give a sorry, leave a sign in a situation, take the occasion, just do it now, there’s no best moment than NOW to take action!

5. Be an Observer and a Listener

Most of the time you feel the center of your reality…. But being in The Camino brings you to the REAL WORLD, there are so many different situations, people that you just met can inspire or teach you… also the nature and the landscape don’t speak, but they can light up if you just learn how to listen to the sound of silence and observe the shades of Nature.



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