How to Use Snapchat on Your Computer

As technology is advancing, snapchat is taking the world to another level. This is from exchanging funny snaps to short snap speeches that leaders or politicians send to people across the globe. However, this app has been typical with androids, but most people are yet to know how they can apply it on PC.

There are several ways to use snapchat on your computer which include:

Using ApowerMirror

This is an app which allows you to mirror your device on your PC. You can stream pictures, images and videos on your Android and it can control your Android device. To do this;

  • Get ApowerMirror and install it on your computer. You should install the mobile version of the app.
  • Enable USB debugging by going to the settings of your device and follow the procedure
  • Connect your Android device using the USB cable and click on start now to begin mirroring
  • Start running the ApowerMirror on both Android and PC devices
  • You can now use snapchat, chat with friends, share stories and send snaps.


This is another way you can use snapchat on PC. This is an emulator which allows you to run Android games and apps on your computer since Bluestacks support most Android applications and snapchat is not an exemption. This method is excellent since you can use it without using an actual phone and it will function just fine. However, the disadvantage is that you may experience delay especially if your computer is not high-performing. To use it, you need to follow these steps;

  • Download and install this emulator on your computer. Log in by using your Google account and contour the basic settings of the application.
  • Download and install snapchat
  • Log in snapchat and start sharing your snap stories with friends.

These are two of the simplest ways you can enjoy using your snapchat if you do not want to use your android phone. As time goes by, technology may change, and snapchat might be applicable on PC as much as it is on Android.

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The influencer marketing agency that aims to support brands having a social media identity