How To Start A Fashion Blog

If you’re on trend and love to write, you’ve probably thought of starting your own fashion blog featuring your OOTD and inspirations is a perfect way to share tips, show off your hauls, and interact with other fashionistas.

Let’s be clear — blogging is hard work. You’ll need the self-discipline to post consistently and good writing skills. Your next step should be creating your blog on a blogging platform — WordPress is great for beginners with many tools to make your blog unique.

Fashion blogging is crowded — in order to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need a niche or an unusual approach, as well as sick writing skills. Make your approach fun and interesting, while giving your readers new information that they can’t get other places. If you’re short, maybe specialize in petite clothing. Maybe you’re a Thicc girl and you want to encourage others to show off their curves. Whatever your special approach, make it part of your personal brand.

Your niche, as well as your online personality, is part of your blogger Personal Brand. While Blogger You may be a lot like real You, she’s also a character, with fashion authority and her own identity. Exploring different aspects of your own personality and crafting your own personal brand will help give your blog an individual identity, as well as a unique voice.

Follow other bloggers you like, comment on their Instagrams, and make connections to other fashion bloggers. The more you are able to engage on social media and put yourself out there, the more “touch points” you’ll have with new readers, followers, and fans.

Be unique and be engaging, and you’ll start to see fashion blogging success.

The influencer marketing agency that aims to support brands having a social media identity

The influencer marketing agency that aims to support brands having a social media identity