Henry and… Social Media Relationships

Last week, I talked about engagement in social media platforms; for this week, I want to keep the conversation in that same area: social media, but let’s focus on the relationships we create through there, the friendships, the romantic aspects of it, the fandoms, all that.

A few years ago, right when Instagram was just starting to become a thing, I remember this meme that a blogger posted, and it said something like: Instagram, the place where none of your loved ones give you love and a bunch of strangers do, or something like that. Nowadays, I still think it’s true. My family and friends are the ones that least engage to my posts and it’s funny how people that I’ve never met, that live in different cities or countries, are always there, saying something, participating.

For me, social media is a tool to get yourself out there, to meet people that otherwise you wouldn’t; the various platforms (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and so on) connect you to a bunch of people that you interact with but not necessarily know in real life. Some of them are nice, others are nasty but the fact is that they’re there, watching you, FOLLOWING you.

I can honestly say that some good friends have come out from Instagram and Twitter; that I appreciate all the love I get from people who like what I do. But I’ve also lived the other side of the spectrum; I’ve met people (in real life) from social media that turn out less than charming (that results in awkward stories that I tell at parties, haha), I’ve had to deal with rude people that watch the things you do only to send hate your way, but, it’s a mixed bag, you know? Good and bad, all in the same package.

I’ve seen people that fake who they are on social media, that create “characters” or that feel like they’ve reached some sort of fame level that makes them better than you. Even so, when the people you thought were your friends or colleagues give you that dreaded unfollow, it makes you feel all weird inside, like you did something wrong (yet they still say ‘hey’ or talk to you in real life).

Social media is a powerful tool and, if you know how to make the most of it, I can assure you’ll make great friends, maybe find a girlfriend (or boyfriend, whatever suits you) and have nice stories to tell at parties; but, don’t forget that the opposite of that can happen as well; be careful, be smart and don’t pour too much of yourself out there, okay?

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The influencer marketing agency that aims to support brands having a social media identity https://americanoize.com