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  • holly Bechiri

    holly Bechiri

    creative for hire. writer, editor, artist. believer in the power of beauty. former editor at culturedGR, The Rapidian. handwrittenstudio.com

  • The Coil

    The Coil

    Indie press dedicated to lit that challenges readers & has a sense of self, timelessness, & atmosphere. Publisher of @CoilMag #CoilMag (http://thecoilmag.com)

  • Sahil Loomba

    Sahil Loomba

    please ask me how you are doing

  • Eric Suesz

    Eric Suesz

    I write about whatever interests me, often art. I also run the SketchBook: In Perspective publication. Submissions welcome.

  • Winnie Lim

    Winnie Lim

    Publishing more regularly @ http://winnielim.org Support my experiments & writing @ https://www.patreon.com/wynlim

  • Max Harris

    Max Harris

    Progressive politics (especially in UK and NZ), music/art/film, some law stuff. Author of 'The New Zealand Project' (BWB, 2017).

  • Ralph Ammer

    Ralph Ammer

    I love to draw and write about art, design, and the rest. http://ralphammer.com Munich, Germany

  • Lisa Gong

    Lisa Gong

    Visual Storyteller | Martin A. Dale Fellow | @Princeton ’16 | Can’t stop crying during movies.

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