Flip Your World Goes To Machu Picchu : Incas rock!!!

We were waiting for this experience since the time we planned our trip!

We arrived in Cuzco the ancien capital of Inca empire. Today it is a beautiful city in the Andean Mountain. From there we booked our trip to Machu Picchu ruined. The archeological site is not so easy to reach, we reccomend to take a tour, there are very expensive one with the train, but also a bit cheaper one with the bus until idroelettrica station and a walk path that we enjoyed along the train trail and Hurubamba river. After 1 hour and a half walk we arrived to Agua Caliente, Machu Picchu pueblo. This is a very touristic place but very warm and charming, we met our group and had a nice dinner in the center, but at 9.30 we were already at our hotel. The alarms rings at 4 amfor the Machu Picchu visitors, we walked for 1 hour up to the mountain ( but if you want there is also bus for 4$) and at 6.00 am we met our group guide, we entered in the Machu Picchu cittadella, it was an suspended breathing experience!!!!

Even with the little fog of early morning the landscape worth the walk! The guide was very conventional so because we had the right to get in twice we chosen to pay an extra personal Guide to have other 40 minutes explanation about Inca history and the mistery of this unique place. He gave us many different point of view, told us Incas were no using money system, no slavery, the emperor “conquested many territories no with war or oppression but speaking , bringing knowledge and convenient way to collaborate together so different city went under his influence by world and commun agreement…… this is a so good example for our own days!!! We follow the visit up to the top of Machu Picchu mountain, an other hour rise walk until more than 3000 m ovear sea level, we chewed coca leaves to help the body with altitude, as Inca use to do, and we get on the top with a lot of satisfaction!

We enjoyed the view, we meditate there surrender by the mountain of Sacred valley and with a high beautiful sun in the sky. The energy and the gratitude we felt tin that unique moment made us feel so blessed for what we have and for being such a magic place. If you never have been to Peru or Machu Picchu, try to find the way to go, this is a so intense place you have to experience with your own skin!

So tired….. but so satisfied!

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The influencer marketing agency that aims to support brands having a social media identity https://americanoize.com