Fashionable Combination: A Suit Suits Women

3 min readDec 12, 2017


When it comes to fashion, women have greater creative leeway than men. No question. Yet, how the modern woman exploits an impressive fashion sense lies not only in what she wears but also how she wears it. That’s why one outfit that suits women and their creative, poised demeanor is the suit.

skirt suits women
red suits women

Clearly, the suit is the go-to option for work in areas that require an image of credibility and professionalism. It is also a great choice for high-end events or restaurants. Yet, fashion-wise, suits shouldn’t be one-dimensional or boring regardless of setting. Take care of the following three guidelines and that suit will not only pop but also become a natural extension of highly sought after fashionable, feminine ingenuity:

1) Fit

tux suits women
loose suits women

A man’s focus on suit fit is just one: as tailored/slim as possible to give proper structure. However, women can go the tailored route as well as explore more loose-fitting suits. The airiness that slightly larger suits provides works to accentuate a distinct, feminine flair. More so if that loose fit flows through flared hems and sleeves or a less rigid fabric choice. Now, you might be saying, “Ok, but isn’t loose-fitting suits too retro 80's?” Perhaps, but how else would you wear a suit in a casual environment or contradict the staid impression (a wrong one at that) people oftentimes have of women in suits?

2) Piece Combinations and Color Scheme

orange suits women
print floral suits women

Here, again, ladies are free to explore. Choose the classic jacket/pant combo and you can command a business meeting or presentation. Jacket/skirt means following a traditional route. Beyond the structural aspect, keep in mind what you wear inside. Play with the typical shirt by choosing silk or layered blouses, or shirts with eye-catching patterns. Which brings me to color scheme. The traditional suit colors — black and navy blue — work. Use them. Yet, ladies can extend a suit’s color scheme toward choices guys really can’t. Orange? Top to bottom print pattern? They all work, too.

3) Accessories

ties suits women

A gentlemen’s suit accessories are limited in number. Glasses (if you need them), watch, cuff links, pocket square, dress shoes or good sneakers and maybe a tie bar. That’s it. However, ladies can expand on their fashion-forward suit choices with several accessories. Pearl, accent or even several necklaces. Bracelets or a wristwatch. Stylish sunglasses. Ties? Sure, go the slim or ribbon tie route. And, of course, on point handbag and shoes pairings can never be forgotten. All these prove critical to finish off your suit choice. If you stay away from what I call disproportionate choices (i.e. tailored suit with bulky bag or oversized earrings), the possibilities are endless.

Ladies, suit up. Don’t dismiss the impact a well-combined suit has on any audience. Now that the Holidays are approaching, why not go with a suit and impress the family. Going unnoticed in a suit is impossible.




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