Ever Thought to Rent a Private Jet for Instagram Photos?

These days, an Instagram account with a lavish amount of followers (who aren’t bots), is the créme de la créme of the social networking universe. In fact, had Fincher waited a few more years, he may have had even more inspiration from the world wide web of narcissism than he did for The Social Network.

I’m sorry, Mr. I’m-not-running-for-President Zuckerberg, but it’s true.

In a world of YOLOs (is that still a thing?), hashtags (those are definitely still things), and keeping tallies on which Kardashian got which surgery last, the world is speeding past us online at the speed of light. And that light is from iPhone X camera flashes.

What I’ve learned recently is that all social media serves as is being the basis of a personal brand. For in that YOLO world of hashtags, tallies, and overpowered men getting their comeuppance too little too late, we are what our Instagram followers perceive us to be.

That can be good if we have the amenities to keep up with constant updates of us doing new and exciting things: places we’re at and know our followers could never be, new makeup routines we know nobody will do as well as us and, if we’re lucky, we’ll get some free stuff.
Appearance is everything. Appearing like you’ve got Stuff is everything, too.

It’s not entirely baseless though, either. You can get free stuff and there are even ways to monetize your Instagram photos. To do any of that stuff, you have to paint a picture of what it is other people want to see. (Don’t ask me how, though. If I knew, I’d be doing it myself).

People take pictures of their lavish vacations. Food photos aren’t just food photos, they’re photos of food that’s displayed just right. The right Instagram photographer or personality could make a McDonald’s Happy Meal photogenic. That’s why when I read about this whole Private Jet fiasco, I had a moment of, “Why didn’t I think of that?” followed closely by, “Oh, because I don’t have the ability to buy a jet to rent it out.”

Yeah, rent it out. As in, rent out a luxurious private jet for two hundred bucks a session to kids that want to be featured on the rich kids of Instagram Tumblr, or have their post liked by Kylie-wotsit. So they can be Amelia Eat-your-hartout to kids who look up to these people putting their faces online ready for the next YouTube… or Instagram… or Snapchat.

What I’m taking from this company is that in Soviet Russia, Private Jet rents you. And you have a symbiotic, capitalism-themed relationship for, like, an hour.

Worth it.

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The influencer marketing agency that aims to support brands having a social media identity https://americanoize.com