Double Interview: Lola & Clizia’s Friendship

Today we decided to release an exclusive interview between 2 special friends: Lola Ponce and Clizia Incorvaia. We have asked them some questions on what true friendship means but also, we tried to see if the two really now each others! You will see near the answers 2 emojis: ✌ if the answer is correct or 😈 if the answer is not correct. Are you ready to check this little game out?

Lola: Friendship is the beginning of brotherhood… a spiritual growth of joy, always a relief, in any place or time, unconditionally.

Clizia: Friendship is a kind of love without sex

Lola: Lack of intelligence, friendship must always be cared, increased and projected

Clizia: Living without friends would make no sense!

Lola: She has got much more than three, but the most beautiful are her culture, passion and energy

Clizia: Being always positive and this way able of overcoming all obstacles, nobility and sharing her sense of life with the person she loves, irony, her sense of life is so beautiful!

Lola: You cannot see them. I love her so much …she knows her bad qualities but she’s too smart!!

Clizia: Stubborn, stubborn and stubborn again! 3 for one ahha!

Lola: Is the one which is perfect at the moment. She’s a food connoisseur, she loves exotic food, her top one might be Mojito

Clizia: Bellini (Prosecco and peach juice)

Lola: Lack of consideration, or treasons of any kind. ✌

Clizia: arrogance 😈 Correct Answer: Lack of consideration as well

Lola: I think she does not eat fried food. She loves raw food… 😈 Correct Answer: Brussels Sprouts

Clizia: Raw fish ✌

Lola: She is the most beautiful one walking. Just looking at the way she interprets different dresses. 😇

Clizia: Dsquared Jp Gaultier 😈 Correct Answer: I adore Miu Miu and Prada accessories.

Lola: She prefers summer music! 😈 Correct Answer: Electronic music and Glam Rock

Clizia: I can answer she’s a romantic” rock” and that her grandmother played with Piazzolla and ….that’s all. 😈 Correct Answer: I like any kind of music

Lola: Of course is Francesco Sarcina (I think) ✌

Clizia: There are a lot but she likes Madonna very much, trasformista free and glamour (I think she is her icon) 😈Correct Answer: Frank Sinatra

Lola: Wow I don’t know. We have never spoken about that, we only speak of our men! Jajajaja Keanu Revees? Maybe 😈 Correct Answer: Johnny Depp

Clizia: Leonardo di Caprio. 😈 Correct Answer: Aaaarooon

Lola: “To live an intense life!” 😈 Correct Answer: It is a Sicilian one: “Both Good weather and Bad weather do not last forever!”

Clizia: “ After a storm always comes the sun “ 😈 Correct Answer: Rocking life!

Lola: A very Sicilian and Greek point of view:to enjoy every day and always look for happiness inside ourselves and share it with other people ✌

Clizia: Enjoy each single moment. 😈 Correct Answer: Mine is the same! Jajajajaja with a little more “tango”! To live with passion. Everything!

Lola: Happiness is living with the people you love, realizing dreams, your family!

Clizia: Living one’s life enthusiastically and with love and keeping one’s balance with universe!

Lola: She’s living her dream! I think she wishes a great change in Fashion! To have her own brand in all the world… ✌

Clizia: To be a world famous artist. 😇 Answer: I’d like to sing together with all the singers I love and respect…

Lola: It happens, with or without any reason but luckily they have been important to increase our love

Clizia: Of course! There’s no embarrassment when you always communicate one to the other…

Lola: Thanks baby! You are my friend because Life blessed us for meeting, because staying with you is as if I stayed with my best part! Thanks for existing! I love you with all my heart and I will always exist for you.

Clizia: “Because you are a special person and I need you”. It is a Battiato song, who is big and cultured Sicilian musician. I just tell you” la Cura”song and that’s all .

Lola: True friendship is a perfect mirror where you can see your reflection.

Clizia: Because I could never find another “genuine crazy person” like you! Same wavelength with no musical frequency!

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