D Is For.. Don’t Let The Spark Fool You

I was at a wedding this weekend and started talking to a friend about my line of work and she told me that she couldn’t picture a more glamorous job.

That got me really thinking, is it really that glamorous and sophisticated as many of my other friends and family have told me over the years?

As I pondered about this premise I couldn’t help but think that they were and are, completely wrong. I mean, I understand why they would think that, after all I don’t usually speak about the negative, in that sense I can be a little too positive and highlight only the good (who wants to listen to people complain about work at a wedding? Really?) But then again, I’m not being completely open about my whole career and how much it can really suck at times. Being a blogger/writer/stylist/ex-editor and such, has taken a lot of hard work, stress, tears, problem-solving, mini and maxi panic attacks, broken dreams, shoots from hell, celebrity melt downs and so on.

First comes fashion week, everyone thinks that I ride in a limousine with wi-fi, that I’m always in front row, that the weather ain’t an issue (hello NYFW in February!)

that it doesn’t take weeks to prepare, confirm shows, the scheduling, the having to look your best (you are in a room full of fashionistas) or the lack of sleep for at least a couple of weeks, that Is if you do the world-tour New York-London-Milan-Paris, but I’m no Anna Wintour.

So instead? Running, a lot of running in heels, the rain, sun, snow, hunger, having to deal with a bitchy PR, sending photos, loads of photos to your community manager who is in another time zone completely, the packing (oh that damn packing), moving from show to show with the high stress of being late, the fights over a cab with another bitchy human being, the parties, the meetings, the re-sees, the having to take all in because weeks later you’ll have to write your reviews about the shows, should I keep going? All I’m going to say is that the last fashion week that I went to, almost one year ago, I cried, I literally cried in the flight back home and I still don’t know why exactly.

Then there are the fashion shoots, I’ve directed, styled, assisted and done pretty much all there is to a shoot, and done all of them at the same time at times (except the obvious like hair, makeup or photography). I’ve styled a lot of celebs, and let me tell you my friend this is no joke, I’ve had some experiences for the record, but the worst of them all, when X didn’t come out from the fitting room in about three hours because she was not feeling “the vibe” while the production only lasted four. And finally, the blogging. I don’t even know where to start, it has taken all my patience, my good-will and the best of my self-esteem.

Your career basically depends on you and you alone, and the reason that that for me is an issue its because I love team work.

Then it comes the monetizing, where on earth do you start? I’m basically starting another career from scratch although I do have the experience from all my editorial years, it still feels like my first day at Glamour eight years ago. So, in a summary, don’t think for a minute that the fashion industry is frivolous, that you spend most of your day doing manicures and trying on new clothes, that being a blogger is all about the beach and eating avocado toast’s or that an editor’s life is walk in the park, because it’s not.

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that we’ve got. Ok?

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The influencer marketing agency that aims to support brands having a social media identity https://americanoize.com