Coats or Down Jackets, What to Choose For The Winter 2018

Down jacket or coat? Every time the summer ends and start coming in at the low
temperatures typical of autumn and winter, the dilemma comes back to become a
protagonist in our wardrobe that, like us, prepare to face the coldest months of the
year? What to choose for the winter, a comfortable and practical down jacket, very
warm and snug, or a coat more elegant, feminine and chic? Sporty Look or the classic
look? Protect more from the cold or choose the way of fashion, maybe we will make a
little beat in the teeth?

The coat is a piece of clothing the classic, that should never be missed, in the wardrobe
of her, nor in that which is of him. It is usually of high quality, stylish, chic, refined, and
fits in well with the look the most sought-after, such as in the evening or to match the
suits when in the morning you go in an office with a dress code, not casual.

The duvet is a piece of clothing, most young and even sportier, designed to cope with
the great cold. From the models more cumbersome to those ultra-light, is a leader of the
urban, metropolitan, ideal for our casual look, as well as for the little ones who definitely
will be able to repair itself better from the low temperatures due to the down filling
contained within it.

What to wear? It all depends, of course, from the occasion on which we have to splurge
on the outerwear. If we have a formal occasion, the better the coat, while for casual look
better the duvet. Then there are duvets and elegant we can as well splurge also on
evening dresses, and, on the contrary, the coats, from sporty style: in short, just choose
the head just to be able to always be perfect.

Always try to choose both according to your personal style both on occasion, without
forgetting that it also counts how much cold you feel: there are people who are just a
coat to wear even when the temperatures go below zero and the other is that as soon
as it drops below 10 degrees need all the paraphernalia the hottest available!

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The influencer marketing agency that aims to support brands having a social media identity