Best Spas For Thai Massage In Bangkok

6 min readOct 31, 2018


While Bangkok is great for many things, it is one of the best places to pamper yourself and get a relaxing traditional Thai massage. Be it a local cheaper massage, or the more luxurious up-scale spa, you’re in for a great treat. Not only most spas have great Thai massage packages, but they also have a great atmosphere. One thing to be careful about is to make sure your massage therapist is a professional and is qualified with a valid degree.

Wonders of Thai massage

There are plenty of health benefits involved, like the yoga-like stretching releases tension and loosens up our joints making us feel refreshed. Besides, you are about to feel relaxed and stress-free when you’re being pampered so well. It is also proved to be an excellent treatment for muscle pain-relief and helps the circulation of our blood become better which gives your body more oxygen in new areas, making you feel refreshed. I always had Bangkok in my bucket-list but finding out about amazing spas and plenty of other things I started looking for Cheap Flights to Bangkok from London.

So Spa

Located in the luxury hotel Sofitel so, it is sure to pamper you well. they offer plenty of spa treatments and not only that but there is also a Turkish hammam bath where you can soak in relaxing hot water, heated on a marble, then get washed from head to toe.

There are many more treatments like the papaya radiance scrubs, a Moroccan massage with hot oil, and of course a legendary Thai massage. No matter what you decide to go for, you’ll walk away free of all stress.

Asia Herb Association

This one is quite popular with the Japanese community living in Bangkok. Despite being a luxury spa, you would be surprised to find that their prices are very reasonable. They also offer a number of other treatments like facials and such. And if there is something you don’t feel comfortable with, just mention it in the form they give you when you arrive. There are many branches for this amazing luxury spa and with such reasonable prices, it’s no wonder it’s so popular.

The Oriental Spa

This luxury spa is located in the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok hotel. This sophisticated has been called “the best spa” many times and rightly so as the highly skilled and professional staff provides plenty of top-notch treatments which are not only following the traditional techniques but also contemporary knowledge. They also offer a special package for couples called Bride and Groom Honeymoon. Other than their excellent massage techniques, I really liked the Oriental Organic Journey, which will last for 2 and a half hours, but it will detox your body so well, you’ll be in bliss.

Yunomori Onsen and Spa

This amazing spa not only offers great Thai massages and body treatments, but it also offers traditional Japanese relaxation and wellness techniques. A Japanese onsen is basically a hot spring bath that is known for its health benefits due to the mineral-rich water. But add a Thai massage to it and it is absolute bliss.

Banyan Tree Spa

This award-winning spa is located in the famous and luxurious Banyan Tree hotel. The top-class spa offers modern and traditional therapy and remedies and their extremely professional staff makes sure you get the best experience from whichever treatment you choose. You can try out their many wellness procedures where they also make use of herbs and spices to enhance your experience. And if you really wish to treat yourself then why not stay at the wonderful and elegant hotel and go for different wellness treatments.

I think a full day of pampering would do you wonders.

Health Land

This spa offers the best features from other spa and at a really affordable price combined with a really relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to all this and the great Thai treatments, including great Thai massage, they have gained quite some popularity. There are several branches of this spectacular spa all around Bangkok and all of them have their own parking so it is the top choice for both locals and tourists. Oh, and just because their prices are low doesn’t mean they’ll compromise on quality. You’ll get a private room with a professional therapist and all their rooms are air-conditioned. The only downside here is that this spa is so ridiculously popular that it’s wise to make reservations beforehand and hope there’s a free spot for you.

Devarana Spa

This spa works hard to not only provide you with amazing wellness treatments but to fully immerse you in the Thai myth, tradition and even culture. You will not only feel relaxed from the amazing therapeutic treatments but the soft music and the gentle fragrant atmosphere will put you in a happy blissful state. They not only use popular high-quality brands but use their own as well which is also very top quality. You can choose one or combine whichever treatments you’re in the mood for, either way, it is sure to make all that stress vanish in no time.

Myth Massage

Old-timey traditional décor with a modern twist make up this beautiful spa. However, the main treatment room is shared by every other patron as well. But don’t let that discourage you from experiencing the traditional Thai massage the old way. In fact, the staff here follow the old techniques which are also performed in Bangkok’s Wat Pho, which is where the amazing Thai massage originated from. There are many treatments available that you can mix and match to suit your needs and their prices are very reasonable. And a quirky thing about this establishment is the fortune tellers that you can consult and perhaps experience something truly unique.

Divana Nurture Spa

Known for its top-class treatments, this is one of the many Divana properties around Bangkok. The most unique thing I found about this spa is that it’s located in a cool modern mansion with a big lush lawn. Honestly, it would make you want to spend a few days here, just relaxing. In fact, they have a garden in a glass-house which has been air-conditioned so you can chill out there either before or after treatment. As for the treatments they offer, well their signature ones last for 4 hours where they will take really good care of you and there are even some that’ll last for 6 blissful hours! They combine the age-old techniques like Thai massage, Ayurvedic and such with their own unique twist that you won’t find anywhere else. One of their popular treatments lets you soak in Thai rice wine and then your body will be polished with lotus powder. Really, for that perfect blissful holiday, this is the place to be.




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