Best Men’s Turtlenecks

3 min readNov 17, 2017

Turtlenecks look great. This fall, you have an opportunity to be part of the new trend of men wearing turtlenecks to work and other engagements. Turtlenecks are popular fall sweaters. The material ranges from cotton, merino wool to cashmere. The fabric and shape fit everyone. You can opt for super-comfortable fabrics and layers or updated silhouettes. Below are some of the best turtlenecks for men.


The turtleneck sweater works well with any style. It complements well your wardrobe and is available at an affordable price.

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

It is an embroidered rollneck sweater that pairs great with wider leg pants. The sweater is ideal for a more fashion-forward vibe.


Everlane is a cashmere mock neck. It is a great choice for those men who find a full turtleneck to be too constricting.

Todd Snyder

This is a good sky sweater. You can get it if you live near a mountain.


The silk cashmere ribbed turtleneck is one of the softest sweaters on the market. You can wear it with a suit. It feels very comfortable.

Tommy Hilfiger

The sweater is made of wool cashmere. It is from the Tommy tailored collection and works well in a buttoned-up setting.

The GiGi

It is a rollneck wool sweater. You can also choose a printed sweater that appeals to you. The sweater is cool, and you can wear it over the top.


This is a Nalle heavy rib turtleneck with an oversized fit which gives you an easy and modern upgrade to the standard cream turtleneck.

Classic turtleneck jumper

It is a perfect option for men who prefer a simple fitted take.


Zegna is a combination of cashmere and wool rollneck sweater. You can wear it under a navy blazer or tweed.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is an expertly crafted sweater that is far from frumpy. You can buy it to complement your wardrobe and various outdoor occasions.




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