Art Basel, Influencers and Luxury Beachwear

This 2017 Art Basel in Miami was as eventful as ever. Full of artworks, exhibitions, private events and of course, plenty of influencers coming from all over the world. As you well know, we at Americanoize are really good in spotting trends when it comes to influencers and happenings, and we noticed something: this year most of the influencers loved to dress for Art Basel with a specific Luxury Beachwear Brand, well known in the Miami area as well as within the most exclusive locations around the world. Here you are the TOP 4 influencers that were spotted wearing TAJ by Sabrina during this week (and btw, we think it is most probably the new collection!)

Born in Canada and moved to Chile when she was little, this influencer is one of the most polyhedric ones you can find around the globe: fluent both in English and Spanish, Vesta is a model, an actress, a singer and a business woman: impressive uh? She currently lives in L.A., but could not miss Art Basel this year! We have spotted an IG post where she is wearing a beautiful dark blue piece from TAJ by Sabrina that makes her look B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

Hunter, aka Littleladypants, is a Florida based model and micro influencer who enjoyed every single moment of Art Basel. She is a well known influencers for us, and we have interviewed her some months ago with our regular column 7Q for. Here below, you can see her IG post featuring TAJ by Sabrina, taking a rest after the great Art Basel experience!

Sophia, better known as Sophietta on IG, is a fashion blogger and influencer coming from Italy. She has been seen in the most exclusive events and dinners these days and here below you can see her while posing with a TAJ by Sabrina jumpsuit full with palms! What piece could be most appropriate in the always sunny carribean Miami? Go girl!

Last but certainly not least, Cristina is the real surprise here: she was spotted not once, but twice (!) wearing TAJ by Sabrina in the last hours… we can just say she looks stunning. The italian influencer has been seen all around the world, and apparently Art Basel was a must to attend to. With her beautiful IG pics she is able to make all of us fall in love with her style and attitude. Way to go!

Well ladies, what do you think about it? In case you want to follow this trend, you can check TAJ by Sabrina’s products here!

The influencer marketing agency that aims to support brands having a social media identity

The influencer marketing agency that aims to support brands having a social media identity