Are You Lost In The (Phone) World Like Me?

I’ve been thinking about the time I spend on the phone for a few days, and I think that since I started writing and I have to do some self-promotion, it has increased too much. Without eager to point out some culprit (my finger would have to contort to point my face), it has been something that has led me to wonder what the hell I do with my phone the whole damn day? I remember Moby´s video that shows the enslavement of modern man to technology, and although I do not feel that he talks about me directly, I did feel that it was appropriate for this Wednesday’s soundtrack.

So I began to analyze my days, so in summary I will explain a general day in Moni’s life and her phone.

I wake up early in the morning, I stretch my hand to the bedside table, I pick up the phone, I unblock it, I see that I have some whatsapp messages (not urgent), almost always they are from a family group, I leave it unread and automatically I enter to Instagram. I mentally explain to myself (trying to find an excuse) that hours have gone by without me seeing the phone (of course because I was asleep hahaha), and the slide starts (justified), I try to look for the last picture I saw just to know what happened since I surfed across Instagram the last time, and I realize that is going to be a complicated task and much more now that instagram has a disband between publications and time, so I quit the mission and go directly to the “insta-stories” and the work begins …

It’s almost like seeing micro-series on Netflix, most of the people I follow are totally unknown, home decorating blogs, embroidery professionals, people with incredible culinary skills, cooking blogs, watercolor professionals, illustrators, clothing stores, stores, stores, stores, “influencers” of the world of fashion, cinema and arts, models, actors, cartoonist, news profiles, fashion bloggers, travel bloggers, bloggers, bloggers, bloggers, and finally a few friends and my relatives, the above summed up the 2361 people I follow on Instagram.

After spending an hour hypnotized observing the lives of others, I decide that it is time to start mine. I wake up my boyfriend, I snuggle a little, I rest my eyes (it’s exhausting to see a small screen for an hour), rest my scrolling finger, and then decide after much procrastination that it’s time to get out of bed. I get up to the bathroom, I take the phone because we all know that there may not be toilet paper but there will never not be a phone and sit there for a few minutes.

Then I get to bathe, I stay like a zombie sitting on the bed in a towel, I check my messages, I dress, I sporadically check my phone, and start preparing breakfast. We have breakfast, and it’s time to work, this month I’ve worked from home and I’ve been traveling a lot, but about my work I’ll talk another time, the point is that the situation has let me work from the comfort of my home. My boyfriend takes care of the music in the house, so as you should imagine the soundtrack of our days is perfectly studied, then in the “mood” work, we started working, sent and receive some mails, spoke with my boss by phone, we organize, we send and receive emails, I work for a while on my “to do list”, I take a break, I write to a friend, I write to my sister, I prepare a snack, and this time I’m going to snapchat, is not a network that I used a lot so there is not much to see there, rather than seeing stories from my friends I go to the part where there are articles of Vice, National Geographic, People, Tastemade, among others, watched some celebrities with dog faces, and I discover that I have been “resting “ for an hour, so I immediately return to work.

It’s time to eat, we start cooking (for those who do not know my boyfriend is a chef, so it really becomes an interesting activity to cook at all hours), we use the phone to see an interesting recipe, we go to a cookbook or we just cook something that we like and know how to do, during lunch hour I like to review an Instagram account that illustrates news, we eat, we talk, I check the phone, and so on repeatedly until we finish eating. We go back to work and as we say in México, I get an insufferable “mal del puerco”, “pork disease”, “le mal du porc” or whatever you want to call it, the point is that the pig ate and lay down to rest and thus during all day, so it’s a sensation like if someone drugged me during of after I finish eating, now you can imagine that when I return to my activities it takes 30 minutes until I am really active again, and during those 30 minutes I devoted myself to see online stores on my phone or on my computer, stores of clothes, surfing their prices and their clothes, then I go to home supply stores, then to stores of unnecessary stuff, then I start to follow other new stores that Instagram promotes or that bloggers advertises and then suddenly in the back I hear my boyfriend asking to me something like: how are you going? and I realize that it’s been a while since I’ve really done anything and automatically I’m back to work.

I work a few more hours until the official time to stop working arrived. I want to do some craft so I go to the accounts that inspire me and before starting with my own activity I spend hours watching what the people who inspire me have been doing and finally after a lot of scrolling I start doing something on my own.

Some days we have to go shopping for food or things for the house, or we decided to go to the movies or we have to go to make some payments, please do not believe that I spend every day locked in my house seeing the world through my phone, the intention was to mention the repeated action of going to my phone, so do not worry, I am a normal person, we go out to lunch or dinner, we go out to have fun, we see some friends, we watch series, we go shopping, we go to the beach (I live in Mazatlan right now and there is a beautiful beach), in short, yes I interact with the world.

So, going back to the description of my recent addiction, I spend a lot of time on the phone, I see stories of people who inspire me and even many of them I send messages like believing that we are friends or that we know each other, because for me the social networks break with the old methods of making a friendship, and allow you to share details of your life with any person who decides to follow you, so I’m probably that intense and crazy girl that asks a blogger “where are your pants from?” or asks a cook “ how did you make that recipe? “

I really like to follow people who write, so I spend most of the afternoon watching what people are talking about, I go to their blogs or their opinion columns where they write and after having read them I share my opinion. I like then to look for friends that do not appear in my “home” to know what has happened in their life or what they are currently doing, then I open my own instagram to see my posts, review likes or comments and although it sounds weird I do a self-stalking (which I’ve discovered that a lot of people do) and I approve of myself.

If you are shocked just wait for Wednesdays to arrive, usually in a subtle way (according to me because I’m probably super intense) I invite people who follow me to read my column of Americanoize, and I get a tremendous anxiety, what picture I upload? What do I say? How do I say it in a funny way? Will they get tired of me? read me? Does it matter to someone? How many people liked my photo? How many people saw my insta-story? How many people will have entered the link in my biography? and so on continuously until the day ends, and do not misunderstood me I love to write, I love uploading pictures, I love to recommend things to my friends or to read interesting readings, but when it comes to self-promoting, a panic invades my body, because I’m sure we all look for acceptance, make people laugh, interest others, say important things, approval or recognition, so when I think about not receiving any of the above, speaking for me, I get terrified. So yes, phone Wednesdays are full of emotions.

Why do I tell all of the above or what is the objective, well I need to find how to stop. I used to be a defender of spending short time on the phone, I love to share conversations with my boyfriend and although I used to be an addict when we had a long distance relationship sending millions of pictures or messages per minute, when we started living together all that addiction had disappeared and although I have always taken too many photos, we respect a lot the moments of talking, cooking, going out or going to the movies. I always criticized the person in the cinema reviewing “home” on Facebook or Instagram and a few days ago I found myself doing the same, so in addition to now find proverbs that fit me like a glove “Lo que te choca te checa” or “Cae antes el hablador que el cojo”, I realize that what I called “rocked the phone bottom” had happened to me.

And then I’m sure it sounds quite contradictory to what I mentioned in previous articles and that is my problem, have I become a contradiction? I understand that there are stages in life in which one does what one promised never to do and there is nothing wrong, you may like it, you may do it because you wanted to try it, there are infinite reasons why we do things we never think to do and that does not mean that those things are bad. But, in particular, I do consider it is wrong to be obsessed with my phone, especially because no one really writes to me that much, I usually call my friends by phone or send a huge voice note, and I have not been characterized for being that friend who speaks daily about everything, so without excuses, I’ve been two months with an intense, obsessive and somewhat harmful relationship with my phone that I’m looking to finish (not drastically, so options like eliminate your social networks are not welcome).

So this Wednesday I want to invite you, if you are in a situation like mine and you are addicted to some object (phone, video game console, ipad, candy crush, whatever) that alienates you from what surrounds you and makes you lose interactions that would enrich you much more than seeing what’s new on Instagram or any social network — because believe me the content of the social network will be there, but your relationship with others can disappear — you need to find strategies that help you. So my invitation (which seeks to have an impact on the sender and receiver) is with capital letters to STOP, look forward to participate in what is happening around you, set a schedule for the use of the phone, there is nothing wrong with using it and have virtual interactions, but do not forget the real ones.

Get involved in conversations, generate discussion topics, share your opinion, see people in the eyes when they are talking about something, pay attention if someone tells you something personal or important, ejoy real life, watch a movie, listen to the music that is at your around, and unless it’s urgent, treat your phone like a friend, you do not see friends everyday and they do not accompany you to everything you do, and then you’ll find a balance. So my new year’s resolution will be to lower the scrolling and take things more calmly, it is important to share what you think, do, eat or visit, but it is more important to generate content to share, if you want to see it that way.

So go, live, and if you suddenly find yourselves checking the “home” of a social network while you are watching a movie in the cinema, do not worry you touched bottom and it will always be a new day the next day.

Ahí nos vemos!

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