5 Best Travel Blogs To Follow In 2018

If you like to travel but aren’t sure where to begin your research, travel blogs allow you to be a voyeur and tag along as writers review destinations and amenities on their bucket list. You can learn to cook gourmet food over an open flame or view spectacular photography taken by regular travelers.

Follow the English version on Instagram to gain access to secret places off the beaten path of tourist destinations. The photography is evocative and creates a longing to follow in the bloggers footsteps. After reading their content, unknown places come to life, and you find yourself checking out flight and accommodation expenses.

Learn how to make mulled wine and beef jerky while you’re camping out and seeing the country. Megan McDuffie and Michael Van Vliet travel across the country in a beat-up Ford Focus. Yet, they produce inspired recipes for campers and backpackers that make cook out food seem gourmet. This site can save you a lot of money without going hungry on the road.

These bloggers live in Northern Italy, and right away you can see that the site is unique. Written in newsletter type and presented in a three-column layout, the Meraviglia Paper reads like a tri-fold brochure. Refreshing photography includes local bakers holding baguettes and chickens digging up breakfast in a museum district. The tasteful writing and low-key vibe recommend the authors as people to ask for advice on where to go and what to eat there.

If website names could win awards, this one would get a nod for originality and effectiveness. You want to read it. The bloggers whisper in your ear regarding travel tips for international destinations. Find the best restaurants and boutiques in remote cities and admire self-portraits against tropical sunsets, as the Texan couple who writes the blog regale you with their hypnotic storytelling. They shoot their pics with film and laser in on fun details, like where to get great coffee or find camera film abroad.

While this site is a bit commercial, the writer is a California native living the dream. She quit a corporate job to travel the world on a budget, often alone. This is one of many blogs that show solo travelers how to have the time of their lives in exotic locales. The photography is realistic, and the page presents like an open diary of places Kiersten and guest bloggers have visited.

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