10 Mind-Blowing Short Hairstyles For Women (2019 Trendy Haircut)

10 Short Hairstyles You Should Rock; Mind Blowers.

1. Bleached Straight Pixie with Undercut

This hairstyle is a spectacle if you desire that sexy and killer sharp look. Great for women of all ages to stand out and look younger than ever. It gives that juvenile look with its long folds in front and a fairly obvious buzz cut/shave. This is the top trend for 2019, leave it or take it. it spells out its uniqueness, standing in a class of its own, away from the other pixie hairstyles. If you are ever looking to add volume to this hairstyle, comb it up a bit at the top layers and get that fuller feel.

2. Bleached Pixie for Wavy and Curly Hair

Do you want to save yourself from more stress when dressing up in the morning? This hairstyle is for you, just perfect. This is the best choice for ladies with curled hair and hates the thought of having to deal with tedious use of blowers and hair straightener every morning.

3. Classy Short Style for Older Women

An older woman? Don’t worry, this hairstyle got you covered. You need not worry anymore about thinning hair and brittle textures, this hairstyle would make you look great this year. This hairstyle is perfect for you if you are above 60, as it gives you that young look you crave, with a pop, feel to your fresh and modern look.

4. Layered Short Bob Haircut

If you are looking to get the bob look, slaying just like you did with your long hair, this is the best haircut for you. It doles out a great texture feel and gives you the most natural look as much as possible. It also gives older women the young and modern look they have always desired.

5. Bleached Spiky Pixie, Stylish Short Hairstyles

This hairstyle features short sides that gives you a seamless managing of the whole hair, with its great deal of exuding modernity. The blonde spiky strands of hair give it an edgy but feminine finish. The messy look is on purpose and the use of gel or a texturing spray would perfect this.

6. Wispy Pixie With Volume for Thin Hair

If your hair strands are thin and you desire a fuller look of your hair, this is the perfect hair for you. It has a buzzed side that gives it a bold edge, and the spiky top flaunts a great deal of volume. There is no need for massive use of tools to add a cool finish, simple touches would make this style stand through the day.

7. Graduated Bob Hairstyle

This hairstyle is close to looking like an inverted bob, that has less length contrast from front to back. It draws a nice line as the hair length increases from front to the back. This hairstyle is super easy to maintain, as basic care routines of washing and drying, would set you up for the day, and you can add some styles to spice things up, based on your preferences.

8. Frizzy and Curly Hairstyle

Grace your style with some crazy look, and make your mind devoid of a straight hairstyle. Hold nothing back and just go crazy with this frizzy and curly style. If your hair is naturally curled, this hairstyle would make you proud. And if you feel your straight hair needs to go wild, a simple perming of your hair would dole this look out to you.

9. Messy High-curly Pixie

This petite and punchy hairstyle is the best for you when your hair gets naturally tight and curly. Having a short hair gives you the liberty to manage a tight hairstyle, unlike the tedious work of managing a long one. This style flaunts your natural features with no restriction

10. Braided Pixie

Wanting to keep it simple and classy? This is the best hairstyle for you. This funky style gives you the liberty of experimenting with various hairstyles, keeping whatever style you have on, in place. This allows for creativity.


The year wouldn’t be great if you don’t have great hairstyles to serve as the icing to your juicy cake. Stay classy and unique with these short hairstyles, and when the year is all over, I would be here to give you some more ideas. Have fun and slay hard!!



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