10 Mind-Blowing Short Hairstyles For Women (2019 Trendy Haircut)

Know this, cutting your hair is not the end of your beauty, in fact, there are a plethora of ways you can style your short hair that would bring out the beautiful goddess in you. You can look good in whatever hair you have on; you just have to get that perfect styling for you. 2018 must have been great, but it shouldn’t be compared to the awesomeness which 2019 promises, you have to look great. There are so many trendy hairstyles for women, but you could easily get lost on what style to have on when your hair is cut short.

I know you want to look good, irrespective of what you have on, but you might be tired of your long hair and you want to take on the short hair. It’s not impossible that your only fear is that, you are oblivious of styles you can make with short hair. As I said, there are great hairstyles you can make with short hair, and trust me, these short hairstyles would be a thing for women in 2019. It’s time to be the unique lady that everyone turns to look at, it’s time to slay. Go through this 10 styles list of short hairstyles, and you would be itching to have your hair cut short asap. This list is not to represent any order of any sort, though. Let’s get to it!

10 Short Hairstyles You Should Rock; Mind Blowers.

1. Bleached Straight Pixie with Undercut

Make the hair perfect by keeping its place with a quality hairspray of your choice, you are just good to go for the day, no need to further prod the hair.

2. Bleached Pixie for Wavy and Curly Hair

This pixie style can be permed to place in a couple of minutes. Don’t touch the buzzed sides, apply a smoothing gel to the top layers, it makes the top look full, leaving it sleek and glittering. Beautiful.

3. Classy Short Style for Older Women

4. Layered Short Bob Haircut

5. Bleached Spiky Pixie, Stylish Short Hairstyles

6. Wispy Pixie With Volume for Thin Hair

7. Graduated Bob Hairstyle

8. Frizzy and Curly Hairstyle

This is your sure bet when it comes to African American short hairstyle. Catch the fancy of hot guys with this wild look, they love it cray!

9. Messy High-curly Pixie

10. Braided Pixie


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