10 Celebs To Follow on Instagram

3 min readNov 7, 2017


If you’re like me and all the other hundreds of thousands of people who log onto Instagram everyday, you might wonder who to follow? So many choices? Whether you follow sports, animals, babies, Instagram has it! And when it comes to celebs, the menu is overflowing as well! Of course, there’s the whole Khardashian clan. And Bella and Gigi. Only, there are a whole lot of other interesting celebs to follow on Instagram.

Let’s see who:


The Queen herself. Whether she’s posting pictures of her and Steadman and their dogs, or the flowers she just picked that morning from her garden, her posts are always refreshing and inspiring. And I particularly enjoy her Super Soul Sunday posts.


Demi Lovato, I love her fierceness. It comes across in all her posts.


John Stamos, who doesn’t remember Uncle Jessie from Full House? John Stamos is still entertaining us today. His posts reflect his love of music (still playing with the Beach Boys), acting (about to do a revival of Willy Wanka, and of course, Fuller House). John Stamos, still a hunk, still one of my crushes.


Miley Cyrus, from the days of Hanna Montana to now, Miley has been entertaining us for years. Whether she’s singing, acting or with her love Liam, she’s got our attention!


Zac Efron, so handsome, so talented. There’s a reason he has over 31M followers!


Neil Patrick Harris, actor, singer, dad to two adorable kids, and of course, his better half, the luscious David Burtka @dbelicious, his are always funny and entertaining, and if you follow David (like I do), you can enjoy his food posts, which are pretty amazing!


Lead singer of the group 30 Seconds to Mars, Actor, Academy Award Winner, Jared Leto is an extra-ordinary talent, and it is reflected in his thought-provoking posts!


What can you say about Justin Bieber? Talented, adorable, and at only 23, hugely successful. He’s one to follow!


Which brings us to Selena Gomez, one of my personal favorites on InstaGram. Yes, she’s a singer, but I adore her fashion sense. Girl knows how to dress and kill it everytime!


Confident, cocky, charismatic, that’s The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson)! I have been following The Rock forever. He is a true example of someone who followed his dreams, and made them a reality!

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